Allergy Coconut Oil: Can the Healthiest Fat Cause an Allergic Reaction

Allergy coconut oil? While it is possible to have an allergic reaction to coconut, a true allergy to coconut oil is rare.

Even if you are allergic to nearly all nuts, chances are, you won’t be with the humble coconut.

Coconut oil or the whole coconut fruit is considered to be “a low allergy-risk food.”

Many times, a presumed coconut oil reaction like a skin rash is nothing more than the body expelling toxins, a cleansing reaction.

Anything that motivates your body’s own recuperative powers has the potential to cause what is called a healing crisis. In order to get better, you sometimes may have to get worse.

Super Safe

Dr. Jon Kabara was a professor emeritus of chemistry and pharmacology at Michigan State University and studied the effects of coconut oil, specifically its Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA), on human health for five decades. He stated and I quote…

“It is rare in the history of medicine to find substances that have such useful properties and still be without toxicity or even harmful side effects.”

Coconut oil is so safe even the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t argue it. In fact, the FDA even added coconut oil on its GRAS list, which means “Generally Regarded As Safe.”

Only foods with a history of safe use and have passed rigorous testing can qualify for inclusion on this exclusive list.

Safety Test

If allergies really worry you, test first to see if you might be allergic to coconut oil or any other coconut product.

Put a little coconut oil or milk on your forearm and rub it into your skin. Wait for a whole day and observe your skin’s reaction.

If your skin becomes red or inflamed, you’re probably allergic. But if nothing happens, I strongly suggest that you begin your health-boosting coconut oil journey right there and then. You won’t regret it.

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