Sensual Coconut Oil

by Pat
(San Antonio,TX)

I am a 35 year old woman who survived cervical cancer. With this cancer, I had to undergo radiation and chemotherapy. The radiation burned my ovaries thus FORCING my body into early menopause. (I was told by my oncologist my insides as a woman would no longer be able to remain as it did before. That I would be a young woman, sexually, not being able to lubricate naturally as a woman should.

I began seeking alternatives from K-Y, lotion, baby oil, then I read about the uses of coconut oil… I found the answer I was needing… It not only made me smell like coconut, but made sex so much better for me and my partner.

It also helped our skin, but found out all the other benefits as I read up on the many uses of coconut oil. I use it to remove my eye makeup, to give body massages, and was amazed how quickly it soaked into our bodies, not leaving me feeling oily (surprisingly).

I used to use Oil of Olay but don’t use it anymore… Coconut oil is all natural…