The Weight-Slashing Coconut Oil Thyroid Connection

The coconut oil thyroid link could be the missing piece in your weight-loss puzzle. As a thyroid-boosting dietary fat/oil, nothing compares to coconut oil.

The thyroid is the gland that controls the burning of calories necessary to supply your body with the energy it requires to operate. Simply said, the thyroid gland controls metabolism.

By stimulating metabolism, coconut oil supports normal thyroid function, which helps achieve your ideal body weight easier.

A single meal containing Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT), the main fat molecules in coconut oil, can rev up your metabolic rate for up to 24 hours. During this time, your body will be burning more calories and your energy level will increase.

Compared to others, MCTs are relatively rare. They are the “starting point” behind countless coconut oil health benefits.

Hypothyroidism (underactive) and Hyperthyroidism (overactive) are the two most common thyroid problems. 80 percent of thyroid disease cases in the United States are hypothyroid conditions.

Together with a thyroid-reinforcing treatment, coconut oil assists in achieving partial, if not, absolute healing from some types of hypothyroidism. In fact, the recovery is so good for some that they become hyperthyroid. A diet with coconut oil can help you get off thyroid medication completely.

Unsaturated Fats Disrupt Thyroid Activity

It has been established for more than half a century that unsaturated fats suppress metabolism. The more unsaturated the fats are, the more they inhibit tissue response to thyroid hormones.

If you consider yourself an olive oil user, please visit monounsaturated fatty acids for another solid reason to make the switch to coconut oil.

At 92 percent saturated, coconut oil does not suppress your metabolic rate. Its plentiful Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA) restrict your liver’s formation of fat. So instead of storing fat, energy is produced which is in line with the “pro-thyroid effect.”

Reduce, if not eliminate, the damage being created by unhealthy fats in your body. A coconut oil supplement is a quick and simple way to benefit from healthy fats.

MCFAs Encourage Proper Thyroid Operation

Coconut oil elevates metabolism and gives you an energy boost, thus establishing a “weight loss-friendly” coconut oil thyroid connection.

MCFA-rich coconut oil does not circulate your bloodstream in the degree that LCFA-oils such as soybean and corn oils do. Your liver immediately converts coconut oil into energy, just like a carbohydrate, but without the undesirable effects.

There is no shortage of published studies on the affinity of coconut oil with optimal metabolism. Researchers even recommend it as part of a strategy to prevent and even treat obesity. Coconut oil for weight loss is a sound and scientific approach.

Do you now see the weight-reducing coconut oil thyroid connection? Together, they enhance metabolism. Coconut oil helps cure a number of thyroid-related diseases and shields you from having one. But that’s not all it can do…

Coconut oil uses range from beautifying hair and skin, to improving thyroid behavior, all the way to killing deadly organisms such as HIV, the AIDS virus.

Your thyroid gland and coconut oil work together to optimize your body’s organic processes necessary for a healthy you.

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