Coconut Oil Flu: No Influenza Virus Means No Flu, Right?

Coconut oil for flu? The antiviral force of coconut oil destroys the flu or influenza virus, all the way to the dreaded AIDS virus. Now that’s potent!

There is no cure for viral infections. That’s why up to now, the common cold virus still affects all of us at some point in time eventually.

The only true protection against the flu is our immune system. If you’ve been spending some time on this site, you’ll notice that boosting the immune system happens to be the specialty of coconut oil.

When you get the flu, you have to let your body fight its own battle. If your body happens to be weak, it could last up to more than a week, or worse, heaven forbid…

Because coconut oil can inactivate the influenza virus and help power up the immune system to optimal levels, you can end your bout with the flu in a couple of days or so, sometimes overnight for those with strong bodies. Even better is…

If you consume the maintenance dose of coconut oil, you can stay flu-free for years like I have. I’m proud to announce that the flu has never touched me more than once or so ever since I started my coconut oil journey in December 2006. And even when I got the flu, it was so mild that it’s virtually gone when I woke up the following morning.

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