Ready to Buy Coconut Oil? Just a Few Last Thoughts and My Recommendation

All set to buy coconut oil? Ready to toughen your immune system, making it ultra inhospitable to harmful organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.?

Frankly, I rather that you continue reading first. The extra minute or two you’re going to spend can only serve you well.

Best of the Best?

“What’s the best coconut oil out there, Frederick?” If I had a penny every time I was asked this question, I’d be rich. Seriously, e-mail inquiries about the ultimate brand of coconut oil frequently land in my inbox since 2007. Don’t get me wrong. I love receiving e-mails from you, my visitors, but it’s an inefficient way of simply letting you know of my recommendation.

So which one is the best? My consistent answer is, “ultimately, it depends on you.”

Definitely Organic

Buy coconut oil made from fresh mature coconuts.

Of course, pure, unadulterated, unrefined, raw, or virgin coconut oil, extracted from organic mature coconuts, should be your first option.

But how can you be sure that a certain certified organic virgin coconut oil brand or product is genuinely organic?

Companies that are certified organic can change their manufacturing practice or suppliers the very next day after they get the certification. And this goes for all manufacturers of any product, not just coconut oil, that are after the organic label.

Interestingly, nearly 100% of the coconuts here in the Philippines are already organically grown to begin with. Even if fertilizers and pesticides were necessary, which they are not (thanks to the coconut palm’s resiliency), the farmers won’t be able to afford them.

Obviously, big business can afford to pay for any certification they desire. But that doesn’t mean their product is better than those made by local producers who have always used organic coconuts.

Bottom line, you’re just going to have to take their word for it. It boils down to trust and credibility.

Buy coconut oil from someone you trust.

To Each His Own

Coconut oil is a food, a functional food. Like all foods, we have our own preferences. And no matter how healthy, a food is worthless if you’re not going to eat it, right?

Personally, I want my coconut oil to have that “mildly” strong fresh coconut aroma and flavor.

Some, like my youngest sister, fancy the mild varieties. While others insist on the scentless and tasteless (refined) types.

It’s really up to you! Having said that, I believe it’s best that you go with the totally unrefined or minimally processed at-the-most varieties as much as possible. The refining process can and will most probably deplete the oil of its antioxidant properties, depending on the process used.

People who go with refined coconut oil, in my opinion, are the ones who totally don’t like the scent and taste of coconuts but are feeling guilty as they don’t want to miss out on the tremendous coconut oil health benefits.

If you fall in that category, it’s okay to use Refined Bleached and Deodorized (RBD) coconut oil. Even in its reasonably adulterated state, coconut oil is still far healthier than most of the alternative. RBD coconut oil and coconut cooking oil are one and the same, just so you know.

Collect and Select

Buy coconut oil from someone you trust.

I suggest you try at least a few coconut oil brands at first. This will allow you to compare and choose the one that your nose and taste buds agree with the most.

Remember, your preferred brand may be disliked by another. At the end of the day though, it’s just individual preference.

Health food stores are an excellent source and a good place to start. Any respectable health food establishment should carry a decent line of coconut oil.

Electing to buy coconut oil online shouldn’t be a problem either. There’s more than enough for you to choose from.

Finally, My Recommendation

Once again, I encourage you to buy coconut oil from a trustworthy source. All things considered…

  • Certified organic
  • Production process
  • Price
  • Expertise
  • Worldwide availability
  • Customer service
  • Guarantee, etc.

… this one gets my vote. It’s a vote that took me almost two years to cast. I was that careful…This superior USDA Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is manufactured here in the Philippines, the world’s largest and trusted exporter of coconut oil. I proudly endorse it!

Thanks for indulging my insistence on reading the entirety of this page first. Your well-informed decision is foremost on my mind.

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