Coconut Oil for Needed Weight Gain?

by Anonymous
I am currently trying to gain weight. I was excited to see that coconut oil is a very healthy fat with many other benefits but also read it can speed up metabolism. Can coconut oil be used to gain weight or would it just make me lose more weight?


Yes, you can use coconut oil to gain weight, or more accurately, to reach your ideal weight. Although it’s very good in helping people who wants to bring down their body weight, it doesn’t necessarily follow that coconut oil will make skinny folks lose more weight.

From all the research that I’ve done (6 years now and counting), it appears that the less body fat you have, the less impact coconut oil has on speeding up metabolism. In fact, coconut oil has been proposed in the treatment of malnutrition, because of its ability to make the nutrients in the foods we eat “more available.”

If you’re overweight, coconut oil will help you unpack excess fat. But if you’re underweight, it helps you gain and reach your ideal body weight.